Why Telehealth?

Let’s face it: the world is unpredictable. But accessing quality mental healthcare doesn’t have to be. Telehealth offers a convenient and secure way of accessing psychotherapy with the utmost convenience. Mental health services delivered through secure telephone and video-based platforms have been shown to be as effective as those delivered in person. 

Additionally, attending therapy virtually eliminates barriers to access, including being based in an area without specialized mental health services, activity restrictions due to quarantine, and mobility issues. You can attend sessions from your home, office, or any private space. 

Lastly, making time for therapy doesn’t have to involve a long commute. Through Telehealth, you can receive the same effective, quality care without the sacrifices of travel time or expense.

**This practice provides only telehealth services.**

Tips for using Telehealth.

Telehealth sessions work best when you are in a private, comfortable space. Try to minimize distractions or influences that may prevent you from speaking openly about your concerns.

Check your internet quality and bandwidth for video sessions. It can also be helpful to run an audio and microphone test prior to starting session.

A unique, secure, zoom link will be provided prior to each session. Please give yourself a few minutes to set up prior to the start of your appointment.